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Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Made By Consumers On Medicare Advantage Plans

2024-02-18T15:06:28-05:00Medicare Insurance, Retirement, Treasure Coast Medicare|

While everyone's circumstances are different, these are some of the common pitfalls that can have significant consequences: 1. Auto-Pilot Renewal: Ignoring plan changes and automatically renewing your current plan year after year can be costly. Networks, costs, and covered services can change annually. Regularly comparing your current plan with others ensures you're still getting [...]

Medicare Mayhem: Why Choosing the Right Plan Feels Like Climbing Mount Everest in Slippers

2024-02-18T14:38:51-05:00Fort Pierce, Indian River County, Martin County, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Insurance, Port Saint Lucie, Port Saint Lucie Medicare, Retirement, Saint Lucie County, Saint Lucie West, Treasure Coast Medicare|

Turning 65? Congratulations! You've unlocked Medicare, the magical healthcare world promising peace of mind. Except, instead of finding an oasis, you're staring at a mountain of confusing options. Don't worry, you're not alone. Choosing the right Medicare plan feels like scaling Mount Everest in your slippers – possible, but definitely not easy. Why the [...]

Port Saint Lucie Medicare Agent Near Me

2022-06-05T14:44:21-04:00Port Saint Lucie, Saint Lucie County, Treasure Coast Medicare|

Speak With A Licensed Medicare Agent That Covers Port Saint Lucie - CALL NOW!  (954) 289-4699 ....OR Simply click the "BOOK NOW " button below to schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION telephone appointment. While we do not offer every single Medicare insurance plans available in your coverage area, we do however offer many of the most [...]

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