Short-Term Health Insurance Plans In Florida


Short Term Medical plans are designed to give you access to health coverage for a limited time when, for whatever reason, employer or Affordable Care Act insurance isn’t available to you.


Apply for coverage any day of the year

No qualifying event needed. No waiting for an enrollment period.


Choose your plan duration from 1 month to just under 12 months.

(Depending on the state where you reside)


Pick your plan.

Four different Short Term Medical plans
to choose from with many deductible options and a $2 million lifetime maximum benefit per covered person.

How does Short Term Health Insurance work in Florida?

Short Term health insurance plans offer health care coverage for up to 364 days, with the option to renew up to 36 months. Short Term health insurance plans, in Florida, lasting longer than 6 months, are a bit more limited when it comes to exclusions due to pre-existing conditions.

Things know about Florida Short Term health insurance plans

A major point of interest for Short Term health coverage is the fact of how affordable it is when compared to what's available through the Federal Marketplace, also referred to as the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. The benefits covered by short terms plans are typically related to emergency care, meaning that these plans may work well for those who don’t require regular medical care, such as frequent visits to the doctor or expensive prescriptions. Although these plans do not everything, the way a plan from the marketplace would, they still make a great option for someone who's relatively healthy and trying to stay within a certain price range, especially if you don't qualify for a tax credit from the federal marketplace to lower your plan's monthly premium

Enrollment Is Available All Year Long

Unlike plans from the Federal Marketplace or most Employer Group Health Insurance Plans, Short Term Health Insurance plans can be purchased 365 days a year, so there's no Open Enrollment periods that you'll to wait for before you can enroll.

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