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Miss McRae

Yes! Sean did a wonderful explanation of the benefits Very professional, very nice helpful .Thank you Sean! To find the insurance to feed my needs Great Great Very professional Florida

Ofelia McRae

Professional Gentleman

Very helpful! Answered every question I asked. Enjoy his knowledge on the different supplements. Making sure we got the best supplement based on the health needs Sean was Awesome!!!! He was great!! I enjoyed how he explained the pros and cons of the supplements and the prescription plans. I would referral family and friends when and if they needed a health plan. Maryland

Taurraine Oliver

Satisfied customer

Yes Additional insurance Great Very good He very helpful Florida


Great Job

Wonderful ! Sean was very helpful in getting the right coverage to satisfy my needs. He was patient, listening to my concerns, even offering suggestions. He displayed a knowledge of his field. My experience was excellent.

My concern was to have proper health coverage and to seek out the best company to meet that goal.

As stated very knowledgeable and he took the time to explain the differences between companies and plans.

Very Satisfied,

based on my experience with Sean, his mannerism I will surely recommend him to family members and friends.



Great resource

Sean seems to be compassionate about his work in assisting others. Trying to locate a Medicare Advantage plan that would provide better benefits and cost effective. Sean is very thorough and ensures understanding. Very good. I would recommend Sean to others because he is very resourceful, personable, and knowledgeable. Florida

Theresa Calhoun


extremely professional and knowledgeableI I prayed he would be able to help and I being satisfied `````he is definitely knowledgeable about his product and able to share it in a remarkable way he is one of the first rep. in a long time I have experienced such quality , very patient and kind. I would recommend him any day,. florida

Lenus Toussaint

Sean Watson is the best he gets the job done with patience

he was the best

the time and waiting

I wish everyone was this efficient

Sean was very prompt and efficient and addressed all my concerns

he was great and patient


javen taylor

Very professional!!

He was very understanding to help for get My insurance,with all professional with experience he have. Beginning talking with him, I knew he can help He knows exactly what I need. Very fast, Very good explaining all what I need. Unfortunate I don’t have family in this country. But definitely I will recommend to my friends. FLORIDA

Rosa S Lopez

Great experience

Sean was most patient and pleasing in assisting me.....

The challenges of finding coverage, but Sean brought ease to that feeling....

Very accurate

He was prompt in returning my call and most helpful.

Toya Jones

Very professional

Very professional and caring in addressing my concerns

I had insurance needs that were not being addressed correctly

Sean was very knowledgeable and was able to explain everything clearly I have recommended Sean to friends and relatives

I definitely would continue to recommend Sean because of his knowledge and professionalism and caring approach

Norman chatman

The Best in the Business

Not only was he helpful but Sean was insightful, knowledgeable and above all else caring enough to be alert and reach out to me when I had made a choice in Health coverage that was actually detrimental to my well being. I'm not sure I've ever experience this level of oversite and concern from an agent. Well done Sean! Again it was his above and beyond concern for my particular situation when it came to his attention that perhaps I had wandered" out of my lane" and was headed into a crash with a higher premium cost and a bunch of headaches because all that glitters is not gold. I thought that switching to the Advantage plan was better but it turned out to be a Dis -Advantage plan for my particular health challenges, but thank god Sean was there to get me back on the road of recovery! Clear, concise information that was easy to understand without disparaging the other company that convinced me to switch. Sean is very knowledgeable in all aspects of medical insurance and I'm sure all his clients feel the same sense of security when discussing medical plans with him. Listen, I can be brief here... I FEEL GREAT! There is no insurance agent I have ever dealt with that can match Sean on relatability, care and compassion. Someone who patiently answers questions no matter how far fetched outside of reality they might be .I would recommend Sean to anyone looking for comprehensive medical coverage and if he's not married recommend him to all the single ladies looking for a good dude. The state of Texas where the medical insurance issues are difficult because of idiotic Republican's legislators who make rules to punish and not assist people in need of medical care thru no fault of their own who might have to go on disability earlier that 65 and lose substantial money and face limited insurance option. I'm sure if the medical problems hit closer to there family members they'd be a lot more generous and pass bills that are more far and equitable

Robert Wysinger

The Best

Sean was super helpful in helping me navigate the policies

Adding Medicare advantage


He was very thorough

He took his time explaining my options and helped me find the best one suited for my situation



Great help!


Account needed to be upgraded


Great help

Very pleasant to work with


Alan Pinder

Excellent Service

My experience working with Sean has been excellent. He is very patient, pleasant to speak with and you can tell he is very knowledgeable.

I was concerned I wouldn’t understand Part D coverage because it is more complicated than it needs to be.

Sean broke down how the process works with extreme patience and understanding especially in explaining it more than once.

He is easy to speak with and never sounds like ‘here she goes again’. He demonstrates sincere respect for customers dealing with illnesses.

For all the reasons mentioned above, I definitely WOULD recommend Sean to a friend or family member.

North Carolina

Donna Henderson

Margaret Mead

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