Life Insurance Rates Are At Historic Lows

2016-05-18T11:23:35-04:00Life Insurance|

If you've had your life insurance policy for a number of years, you might just want to check and see if lower rates are available. This may help reduce your monthly premium or allow you to get additional life insurance for the same monthly premium your paying. Get in contact with us for a free [...]

Health Insurance For Diabetics In Florida

2016-05-12T17:26:02-04:00Health Insurance|

If you're searching for health insurance for diabetics in Florida you can typically get an Affordable Care Act plan (sometimes referred to as Obamacare) during the annual open enrollment period. This runs every year from November until the end of January. One of the great things about a plan from the Affordable Care Act is [...]

Stop using GoFundMe for life insurance

2016-05-18T16:32:20-04:00Life Insurance|

I'm starting to see more and more Facebook post about crowdfunding campaigns, from companies like GoFundMe,  about people who have recently passed away and now the surviving family members are in desperate need of major financial help, because there was no life insurance in place. It's bad enough to suffer the loss of a loved one, [...]

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